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$500 Risk-free bet + $500 deposit bonus Additional bonuses available.
Valid Until: Dec 31, 2021

Of all the sports betting sites competing for new players, there are only a few online sportsbooks with free bets. The term free bet may confuse some, but in practice, these are bonuses that don’t require you to deposit anything or bet anything in order for you to receive the money advertised by the sportsbook. As you can expect, these free bets don’t come in large amounts like a $500 deposit bonus, but they are still worthwhile and a great way to try a new sports betting site with little to no risk at all. 

But, just like any other bonus you come across, online sportsbooks with free bets have very specific rules that apply to the funds they grant you. Oftentimes if you bet with this money you will only get back the winnings of that bet and not the original amount you staked. Certain stipulations like these are in the fine print but often get overlooked by eager sports bettors. We go over how to obtain this promotion and how these free bets work for each sportsbook that offers them.