When To Place Wagers on Futures Bets

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The perfect time to place Futures bets is a subjective answer as the odds for these betting lines change over time.

These bets are usually around events like “Who will win the Super Bowl”, “Which team will win the NBA Eastern conference”, or “Which player will win the Heisman Trophy”. 

These lines are set months in advance of whatever the betting line is asking. The odds for every team or player across the board will be more profitable the further in advance you bet on these wager types. 

For example, the Patriots odds to win the Super Bowl before the season starts could be at set +800. But, let’s say they reach the AFC Championship in that season. You may then only find their odds to win the Super Bowl to be +250

This is why many people believe the earlier you bet on these lines the better. 

However, you may find that a team could start out the season bad, cause them to have much longer odds in the middle of the season, and then find their stride and close out the season on a hot streak. The best time to have bet on them would’ve been the middle of the season. 

So really it all depends