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The number of sportsbooks in states with legal sports betting varies. Legal U.S. sportsbooks can currently be found in 18 different states. This number is poised to grow because a total of 23 states have legalized sports betting since the repeal of PASPA in 2018. 

That federal law gave Nevada a monopoly on the industry until it was found unconstitutional by the Supreme Court of the United States. Each year since, dozens of state lawmakers have introduced bills to bring legal U.S. sportsbooks to their state with their own specific rules. 

So far in 2020, 13 different states have now introduced sports betting bills of their own, several of which have already passed them into law. 

The types of legal U.S. sportsbooks that are found in each state vary based on the laws that passed. 

For example, in Rhode Island and Oregon, only one online sports wagering app is allowed to do business and it is owned by the state lottery. Other states, however, give an open market for sports betting apps to compete for people’s business. 

The sportsbooks available in legal sports betting states are listed below.

States With Active Online Sportsbooks

The states with active online sportsbooks are the states who hopped on the legal sports betting train early or relatively early. 

Each state has its own way of allowing online sports gambling operators to do business in their state. This means that the government controls how large the market can grow and how much businesses have to pay in taxes and fees in order to accept bets in their jurisdiction. 

These rules determine how many online sportsbooks can become available in the state and can sometimes drive operators away if they aren’t able to afford to pay the hefty license fees and taxes. 

All of this will become abundantly clear when we examine the sportsbooks in states with legal sports betting. 

Online Sportsbooks In Nevada

Despite having had a nearly 70-year monopoly on the industry and collects the most sports wagers annually, Nevada actually doesn’t have the most online sportsbooks available to the public.

Online sportsbooks in Nevada started in 2010 and to this day, the state only has seven active online sports betting operators. Those sites are as follows:

  • William Hill
  • Wynn
  • Station Casino
  • CG Technology
  • Boyd Gaming
  • South Point
  • Atlantis Reno

You’ll notice that some names like DraftKings and FanDuel have yet to enter the state, but one recognizable name that plans to enter the market soon is BetMGM. 

The sports betting apps available in Nevada are more or less from the major casino owners in Las Vegas. However, bettors can be located anywhere within state lines and bet real money with these apps as long as they are 21 years old or older. 

Online Sportsbook In New Jersey

New Jersey was the state that made the push to the Supreme Court of the United States to repeal PASPA and have a sports betting market for all states. 

They have since capitalized on that court decision and have a sports betting industry that rivals that of Nevada every month in terms of total handle and revenue. 

One area that New Jersey can say they have Nevada beat consistently is that there are more sports betting sites apps in the Garden State than anywhere else in the U.S. The online sportsbooks you can use in N.J. are:

New Jersey sports betting laws allow anyone who is located within state lines to place sports bets through online sportsbooks. Bettors must be 21 years old or older.

Online Sportsbooks In Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania online sportsbook market is the third-largest in the country but it is quickly expanding with no signs of slowing down. 

The first online sportsbook in Pennsylvania launched in late May of 2019, but the state has since welcomed a total of eight competitors. Some of the names will look similar to New Jersey’s options.

The current online sportsbooks available in PA are:

  • PlaySugarHouse Sportsbook
  • BetRivers Sportsbook
  • DraftKings Sportsbook
  • BetAmerica Sportsbook
  • Fox Bet PA
  • Unibet Sportsbook
  • Parx Sportsbook
  • FanDuel Sportsbook

Betfred, which partnered with Scientific Games and Wind Creek Casino also plans on launching an online sportsbook sometime in 2020. 

Live! Casino, which is being built in Philadelphia’s Stadium District, also plans on providing an online sports betting platform in 2020 either before or after the completion of the facility. 

Online Sportsbooks In West Virginia

Online sports wagering in West Virginia has gone through some unexpected changes with the first online sportsbook in West Virginia being shut down only months into its existence. 

While ‘Bet Lucky’ is no longer available, that doesn’t mean other sites didn’t come in and dominate in its absence. 

The current online sportsbooks available in West Virginia are:

  • DraftKings Sportsbook
  • BetMGM Sportsbook
  • FanDuel Sportsbook

Delaware North, the owners of Mardi Gras Casino, Wheeling Island Casino, and the former Bet Lucky App, have signed a new sports betting deal with IGT and BetGenius.

Delaware North’s new sports wagering suppliers have already implemented retail sports betting back at their casinos and plan on providing an online platform in the near future.

William Hill, which runs the retail sportsbook at Mountaineer Casino, has shown no intent to enter the West Virginia online marketplace to this point. That may possibly change but only time will tell. 

Online Sportsbooks In Rhode Island

As far as online sportsbooks in Rhode Island go, there is and will only ever be one option unless a new bill is passed. 

Rhode Islanders and those visiting the state can use ‘Sportsbook Rhode Island’ to fulfill all their sports betting needs. The catch used to be that in order to register to use the app, you must do so in person at either Twin River Casino location. 

However, that rule has since been abolished by state lawmakers. Users of the app can now register remotely.

Having one sportsbook already affects bettors negatively because they have no way of shopping lines and getting a better deal. This is one of the reasons the state is not generating many tax dollars from the activity than originally estimated.

 To add to this, there have been no bills up to this point to expand the market place.

Online Sportsbooks In Iowa

Iowa has set its laws in a way that will allow many online sportsbooks to enter the market place. But, sports betting sites have been slow to enter the market. 

The active online sportsbooks in Iowa are:

  • William Hill Sportsbook
  • Elite Casio Sportsbook
  • Q Casino Sportsbook
  • Hard Rock Sioux City Sportsbook
  • PointsBet Sportsbook
  • DraftKings Sportsbook

The fees and taxes are favorable for online sports betting businesses to gain a license in the state. The only aspect that does hold back the state is the in-person registration requirement, similar to Rhode Island. 

That rule won’t be in place forever. Starting January 1, 2021, anyone will be able to make an account and place sports bets with an online sportsbook in Iowa as long as they are located within the border of the state. 

Online Sportsbooks In Indiana

Sports betting sites in Indiana follow the same rules as those located in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Nevada. Anyone at or over the age of 21 can make an account and bet at an online sportsbook so long as they are located within state lines. 

Online sportsbooks launched in Indiana about a month after retail locations and have quickly taken the bulk of all wagers made in the state.

The online sportsbooks available in Indiana are:

  • DraftKings Sportsbook
  • BetRivers Sportsbook
  • BetAmerica Sportsbook
  • BetMGM Sportsbook
  • PointsBet Sportsbook
  • FanDuel Sportsbook
  • BetIndiana
  • Unibet Sportsbook
  • Caesars Sportsbook

There are still plenty of land-based sportsbooks that have yet to find an online sports gambling partner so look for more options to come in the future.

Online Sportsbooks In Oregon

When it comes to betting on sports online in Oregon, beginners and sharps alike only have one source to go to. 

The name of Oregon’s one and only online sportsbook is ‘Scoreboard’. It is powered through a partnership between the Oregon Lottery and SB Tech. Scoreboard can be accessed online and through a mobile app. 

The advantage Oregon has when compared to New Hampshire is that users of Scoreboard do not have to register in-person to bet on sports. The disadvantage, however, is that the online sportsbook in Oregon does not offer odds for college sports.

Online Sportsbooks In New Hampshire

While many expected to see a competitive market when it comes to online sportsbooks in New Hampshire, only one sports betting company has been awarded a contract to operate sports betting online.

That online sports gambling site is DraftKings Sportsbook. 

Draftkings Sportsbook in New Hampshire agreed to pay the state a little over 50% of all of its sports betting revenue in the form of taxes. This won them the first contract with the state.

Whether or not another company can match that type of agreement has yet to be seen.

Online Sportsbooks In Colorado

Sports betting in Colorado was legalized in November of 2019 with the provisions of allowing any of the casinos in the towns of Black Hawk, Cripple Creek, or Central City to partner with an online sports betting operator. 

Online sportsbooks first launched in Colorado on May 1, 2020, with DraftKings, FanDuel, BetMGM, and BetRivers being the first to market. But they are not the only companies licensed to do business in the state.  

Smarkets, Circa Sports, BetMonarch, Skye Ute, and FOX Bet have also joined the online CO sports betting market place.

The other online sportsbooks with confirmed deals in Colorado are:

  • BetAmerica
  • Betfred
  • Carousel Group
  • Digital Gaming Corporation
  • Internet Sports International
  • Penn Sports Interactive (could be renamed to Barstool Sportsbook)
  • PointsBet
  • SuperBook USA
  • theScore Bet
  • William Hill
  • Wynn Resorts

The timeline for when each of these businesses will launch is still unclear. But, once they are all operating, the online Colorado sports betting market will be the largest in the nation. 

Online Sportsbooks In Illinois

The way in which online sportsbooks in Illinois can enter the market is quite unique. 

The state essentially gives them the option to operate without having to partner with a casino but they will have to pay significantly more in taxes and fees. On top of this, they have to wait 18-months after the first retail sports betting venue opens.

The first casino sportsbooks launched in March 2020 which means it won’t be until the Fall of 2021 before some online sportsbooks in Illinois begin to pop up. 

But, operators can work around this law by partnering with a land-based casino, race track, or stadium. They could also buy and rebrand one of those locations as well. That is what Draftkings did.

So far the only are online sportsbooks in Illinois are:

  • DraftKings
  • BetRivers

PointsBet and FanDuel are also licensed to launch and are expected to in the near future. 

In-person registration is required for IL sports betting apps and only those 21 and up will be able to make an account and bet.

States That Have Legalized Online Sports Betting

The timeline for when sports betting was legalized in each state is different. Some passed bills even before PASPA was repealed in 2018 which gave them a leg up on other states.

There were several of which that passed bills in 2019 to legalize sports betting but regulations still need to be put in place and licenses still need to be awarded. 

There have been sports betting sites that have secured deals with casinos within these states which gives us an indication of what sportsbooks in states with legal sports betting we can expect in 2020. 

Online Sportsbooks In Michigan

Michigan was the last state to legalize sports betting in 2019, having done so in December 2019, so the timeline for when they can launch an online sports betting marketplace will be quite far out.

Casino sportsbooks originally launched in Mid-march 2020. However, the Michigan Gaming Control Board said during that time that online sports betting apps in Michigan likely won’t launch until late 2020 or early 2021.

While this is a bit discouraging to sports bettors now, they should take comfort in the fact that Michigan will allow all of its 26 casinos to have a sports betting partner. Some of which have already landed a partner.

The businesses that will have online sportsbooks in Michigan are:

  • PointsBet
  • Fox Bet
  • William Hill
  • DraftKings
  • FanDuel
  • BetAmerica
  • BetRivers

This means bettors will have well-known online sportsbooks in Michigan to choose from next year.

Online Sportsbooks In Tennessee

Tennessee was the first state in the nation to legalize online only sportsbooks. But, the rollout of the state’s industry has hit several major roadblocks since the policy became law.

Certain draft rules such a 15% minimum hold for online sportsbook operators has garnered heavy criticism from potential operators due to the fact that it would mean less money being awarded to their players. 

Regulators went back to the drawing board in shaping the state’s rules and regulations. They eventually decided to make that mandatory hold 10% which means sports bettors will only be able to receive 90% of their sports betting winnings.  

State officials are estimating that online sportsbooks in Tennessee will launch during the 2020 football season.

Online Sportsbooks In Virginia

Online sports betting in Virginia was signed into law in late April of 2020. 

The law will allow for a total of 12 online sports betting platforms to operate in the state. Online sportsbooks in Virginia can come by way of partnering with a future casino or by going straight through the Virginia Lottery. 

The lottery will have until September 15, 2020, to finalize rules and regulations for the state’s sports gambling industry. After that, they will have until the end of September to accept applications form sports betting operators. Finally, they will have 90 days to approve those applications.

Judging by that timeline, online sportsbooks in Virginia could very well become available by December 2020.

States With Online Sports Betting Only At On-Site Casinos

There are sportsbooks in states with legal sports betting whose apps are restricted to only be used in land-based casinos. 

Those state with land-based sports betting only are: 

  • New Mexico
  • Montana
  • Arkansas
  • Mississippi
  • North Carolina
  • Deleware
  • New York
  • Washington

Each one of these states has its own provisions around which venues can open up a sportsbook. For some, tribal casinos are the only places you’ll be able to bet on sports. In others, the market is open to commercial casinos and horse-racing tracks.

Mississippi and New York have both introduced bills in their state legislature to expand their sports betting operations and allow statewide mobile sports wagering. 

So far these attempts to expand have been unsuccessful and given the fact that the legislative sessions are shorter in election years like 2020, the issue will likely have to wait until next year.

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