Difference Between Team Props and Player Props

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These bet types are more concerned with certain stats that are accrued during a game. For team props, you’ll often times see a betting line such as:

Los Angeles Rams Defense Total Number Of Interceptions

Over 2.5 (+250) Under 2.5 (-125)

In this example, it doesn’t matter who makes the interceptions for the Rams, so long as someone on the defense picks the ball off. The same safety could have 3 picks and a bet on the over for this would hit. 

A player prop, however, is similar but it is just focused on the performance of a certain player. A common example of a player prop you may see would look like this:

Aaron Rodgers To Pass For Over 150 Yards

‘Yes’ (-150) 

‘No’ (+175)

Notice that even if the Packers put someone else in at quarterback and gained the team passing yards, it would not count towards this bet. 

For team and player props, it is best to study individual matchups before placing a bet. This would include checking a running back’s yards per game and the opposing defenses’ rush yards allowed per game before making a player prop on that specific running back. 

The trick here isn’t just knowing how to read betting odds, but how to read lopsided matchups that show up on a stat sheet.