Betting On The Spread

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Betting on the spread is similar to the moneyline except you are factoring in the final score of the game. We’ll use the same teams as we did in our moneyline example  last time for consistency’s sake:

Patriots -7 (-110)

Dolphins +7 (-110)

Again in this game, the Patriots are favored. But in order for a bet on them to be graded as a winner, they will have to win by at least eight points. 

Alternatively, if the Dolphins lose the game but they did so by six points or less, then they would have covered the spread and a bet on them would be graded as a winner. If they end up winning the game straight up then a bet on them to cover the spread would also result in a payout.

The numbers in parentheses found next to the spread indicate the payout ratio for each bet. The way to interpret this is the same as a moneyline wager. So, you’d have to bet 110 dollars on either team in order to win 100.